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Cat"s Curse rp set up

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Cat"s Curse rp set up
« on: February 10, 2010, 07:59:18 PM »
Okay so i watched this show and this guy got cursed by knocking off a cat shine statue's head and so he was cursed and he can hear cats, the catch is to not turn into a cat he has to do over/about 100 tasks and he's allergic to cats. Its a comedy and partly a romance because there is a girl he likes.

Now this rp is going to be totally different, i just got the idea from that show...i don't remember what it's called though lol. These kids...lets say three kids go on vacation. They get themselves in trouble and a mysterious women put a curse on them. When they get home they suddenly wake up the next morning ready for school but they're cats. Now they have to serve and protect any cat that wants their service and one of the kids is now a slave to the ring leader of all the cats in town.

Name:Honey Hihara "Hara-Chan"
Age: 15
Species: Human Cursed
Appearance(and Cat Appearance): 
Personality: Happy Go Lucky, easily pulled into things, has an adorable personality, loves playing games, sleeps alot, loves cooking/baking
Any Pets?: Lanky=
Hobbies: Soccer, Dancing, Choir, Sleeping, Hanging out with friends, watching movies