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Request: Berry Berry (HIDAKA Banri)

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Request: Berry Berry (HIDAKA Banri)
« on: January 30, 2010, 08:46:01 AM »
Hi!  I'm not sure if anyone already requested this or not, but here it goes!  Could you guys translate "BERRY BERRY" by Banri Hidaka?  It's new and only 1 volume has been put together into a HC.  Plus, it's not licensed yet.  Ms. Hidaka has done other series such as V.B. Rose and Hitsuji no Namida.

Here's the info:

I buy all the usual manga magazines (LaLa, Cheese!, Sho-Comi, Betsuhana, Betsucomi & Hanayume) but have only kept the last 4 chapters (10 to 13.)  If you need any of the raws, I can provide them.

All I can tell you from the pictures I've seen is that it's a School life, Romance, Shoujo, Comedy type of manga and it's about a set of twin girls that live near and attend the same school as a set of male twins and they get romantically involved.  It's really good, so I hope Aerandria or some other translator team translates it! 
Thanks a million!   :-*
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