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Start or Join a Roleplay! (OUTDATED) PLS IGNORE

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Start or Join a Roleplay! (OUTDATED) PLS IGNORE
« on: November 01, 2009, 03:38:38 AM »
There are two scenarios:

FIRST SCENARIO:  The series you want to roleplay in is not yet available or you want to start a new roleplay.
If this is the case go to the Petition Board. Follow the rules there and hope for the best you get your fellow roleplayers soon!

You could start communicating here, if you want, with your plans for your roleplay, what you want your plot to be, what will be your characters' activities, etc. Just be brief about it since you could plan in detail on the Roleplay Planning Board.

Also, this can also serve as your announcement board for more members you may need for your roleplays.

Once you have fellow members to join in your roleplay, you could proceed to the Planning Board to discuss how your roleplays would go! Discuss the scene, the location, the ambiance, the plot, the quirks, etc.  the Roleplay Planning  board can also serve as your announcement board so please put this into good use.

Each roleplay could make their own methods of approving members who want to join in. This will depend on what the initial group of roleplayers would have agreed on. Thus, each roleplay set should have to assign a leader/asst. leader  to manage their roleplays. This is to maintain a certain degree of organization with each roleplay.

When ready to start a new roleplay, please go to Free For All board, click on New Topic, then type in your title in this format:

[ Series Title - Title of Roleplay ]
Fruits Basket - The Revenge of the Playful Dog

This way, readers will be able to see what series you are roleplaying and it would be easier for to search via the forum's Search function.

SECOND SCENARIO: The series you want to roleplay is already available and you want to join in.

As stated in the Revised Roleplay Introduction thread, you could join in a forum by communicating with them the current roleplayers via Petition Board, Roleplay Plannning Board, or via PM.

This, it is important for each roleplay thread to not forget posting  their roleplay leader / asst. leader so members who want to join in will know who to contact.

Good luck!
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