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What do the pokemon characters think of you?

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The only girl he's never shown affection for is Misty O.o I guess because she's tomboyish.


Name: Kurai
Region: Sinnoh
Starter pokemon: Piplup
Type: Water and Fire
Boyfriend: Paul
Best Friend: None
Ash: I hate her.
Brock: She's beautiful but so mean.
Drew: I don't like her.
Gary: She's okay. Good for Paul.
Paul: I love her alot and she is a good trainer too...
May: Hates you.
Dawn: Hates you.
Misty: She's okay.

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Name: Mika
Age: 11
Region: Johto
Starter Pokemon: Tododile
Type: Psychic and Fighting
Boyfriend: Ash
Best Friends: May and Dawn 
Ash: I love her she is the best, but i lost to her several times when we battled.
Brock: She is so cute, but to youg for me.
Drew: She's nice.
Gary: She's okay. Good for Ash.
Paul: I hate her.
May: She is my best friend!!!
Dawn: Same as May.
Misty: I hate her she stole Ash from me!!

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Name: Aisu
Age: 15
Region: Kanto
Starter Pokemon: Charmander
Type: Ice and Dark
Boyfriend: Gary
Best Friend: Misty

Ash: She's HOT!! I wish i had gotten her first!!
Brock: I want her!! *eyes are hearts*
Drew: I don't like her.
Gary: I love her!! She is the best trainer in the world to me <3 <3 <3
Paul: I like her
May: She said i was annoying.
Dawn: She told me to shut up.
Misty: She is my best friend and i lover her to bits!!


Ichigo Neko:
XDDDD Paul looks cute in that pichar. XDDD

It's fun to imagine Atsu and Ash. : D

... D:< Bring it, Dudie!



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