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[W1] A Bond of Brotherly Blood - Thursday, Late Afternoon

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[W1] A Bond of Brotherly Blood - Thursday, Late Afternoon
« on: January 09, 2007, 05:48:09 PM »
Yuki Souma, Student Council President of Kaibara High, stared at the empty room before him in despair, hoping - hoping - HOPING that what lay before him was not an unbelievably quiet version of the workspace that he shared with his fellow members. Well, quiet was a good thing, but...

It's a pigsty! he thought, his mood plunging deeper and deeper as his eyes took in every inch of the chaotic scene. It didn't look like an office that was worthy of upholding the Student Council's name at all. Where is everybody?

Yuki guessed the culprit in a thrice, seething and gritting his teeth. Kakeru!

Who else could possibly be responsible?

Without another thought, the grey-headed student stalked down the halls, his profile and expression dark with rage. How many times have I told that idiot? How. Many. Times? "You are not to leave this room in any form of disarray, is that clear Kakeru?" I tell him, and he says "Yes, Sir! Transparently clear, Sir! Won't allow even the tiniest bit of trash to litter our glorious headquarters, Sir!"

Ugh! I want to KILL him!




He recklessly pushed aside classroom doors, glaring into each, and shutting them violently when his Vice President was no where to be found. He felt like a homing missile searching for a target, flying through the air with no other purpose than to seek, find, destroy...
Shun has comandeered Yuki's brain.

Re: [W1] A Bond of Brotherly Blood - Thursday, Late Afternoon
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The boy lifted his head, his eyes slowly moving towards the door just a few metres away from him. He sat alone in the empty classroom, holding a small slip of paper in his hands; casually propped up on a table against the wall. For the moment, he was distracted from the object in his hands. At every Whshhhck! he heard, he could tell that the intruder was getting closer and closer. Closer and closer...

As he absent-mindedly fiddled with a small silver bracelet hanging from his skinny wrist, he attempted to recall the day's events, and any minor details from his expansive memory that might have be the cause of someone so violently patrolling through the halls at this time of day. Time of day...what is the time, anyway? He reluctantly pulled his gaze away from the door, scanning the empty classroom for a clock with his dark, expressionless eyes, and slowly, slowly, in a defeated and almost lazy manner, he returned to the slip in his hands.

Souma Hatsuharu - Yet again, with much regret, do I find myself having to send in a late slip for this boy. Souma has a vast variety of talents hidden below the surface - many of which the teachers at Kaibara High are obviously yet to realise - but, time and time again, our staff are becoming increasingly more exasparated by the complete lack of punctuality in your son's schedule. To be perfectly honest, I cannot understand how he maintains such high marks in class when he spends such a large quantity of time off of site, and as for...

Souma Hatsuharu's attention was quickly recaptured by the sounds from the hallway, which seemed to be coming ever closer. He could hear the quick pace of impatient and angry footsteps, the steady, ragged breathing that could be emitted only from one on the warpath...

Hatsuharu almost allowed himself to smile. Who else would be patrolling the school in an otherwise desolate school? Speaking of desolate... His stomach grumbled on cue, and, in a daze, he placed the slip back onto the table and patted his stomach. Maybe I don't know what time it is, but Yuki's bound to have some food...

As a door somewhere opposite the classroom resounded through the hallway outside with a large crash - ah, he must be getting more and more agitated... - he thought fast. Slipping off the table in a quick and subtle movement, he strode over to the door, and, just as the loud footsteps sounded as if they could get no further without the owner of them hitting the door, he reached for it, pulling it along and into the wall.

Faced with the intruder.

"A surprise to see you here this fine morning, Yuki... or is it now the afternoon? Why so agitated? Unless you too are seeking for food, just the same as my lonely self... perhaps we should merge our hunting parties?"

Shouga? Who is that? ...A mystery...