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No New Posts News and Announcements

Check here often for Shugo Chara! roleplaying rules, application guidelines, announcements and roleplay planning. Basically, anything that is needed before posting in the roleplay sections.

No New Posts Character Applications Review

Post your character shrine / roleplay applications here to see what others think.

Child Boards: Guardian Characters, Other Characters

No New Posts Planning Board

This is where the roleplayers plan all their threads.

No New Posts Seiyo Elementary

The school the Guardians and their classmates attend. Don't forget your textbook!

No New Posts Guardians Pavilion

The beautiful pavilion in which the Guardians gather, sip tea, admire the flowers and discuss Eggs and the dubious EASTER company.

No New Posts Hinamori Household

The home of the raucous Hinamoris! Drop by for a biscuit?

No New Posts EASTER HQ

Home of the dubious EASTER company, it's silvery walls hide more secrets than you expect.

No New Posts The City

Shops, music, boutiques, resteraunts, cinemas; the city has it all, and plenty more!

No New Posts The Parks

Beautiful trees, luscious foliage, golden flowers, a tinkling fountain and the laughter of children; the parks have it all.

No New Posts The Buskers Avenue

A long street, lit by streetlamps, comes alive at night. Listen to the symphony of music and joy

No New Posts The Concert Hall

A huge domed building filled with luscious velvet seats and beautiful facilities, the concert hall is a rare treat for those who are wealthy enough. Music, plays, game shows - the place comes alive with thousands of people.

No New Posts The Metro

Got your ticket? Good. Now board one of them speeding shiny trains.

No New Posts The Districts

Street after peaceful street, house after house, apartment after apartment; in the districts, who knows what'll happen?

No New Posts Vacations

To the beach? The snow? To another country, perhaps Enjoy your vacation!